Cheap Versus Expensive Copywriters – Which Should You Choose?

Sometimes small figures can make a massive difference.

For example, the difference between a 1% and a 2% conversion rate sounds small, right?


If a 1% conversion rate pulls you in $2,000 of sales a month, then a 2% conversion rate would bring you $4,000 of sales a month… doubling your revenue!

Ultimately, the difference between an “expensive” and a “cheap” copywriter might be a 2% conversion rate compared to 1%…

… but that additional 1% doubles your revenue. That’s one of the advantages an “expensive” copywriter could bring to the table – an additional $24,000 a year in revenue (in this example).

Or looked at from a different angle, a “cheap” copywriter would throw $24,000 of your money down the drain – year in, year out.

With that in mind, is it really a smart idea to hunt around for the “cheapest” copywriter? I don’t think so.

Of course, if you’re just starting out and you need a sales letter written, I understand why you’d want to keep your costs down.

Just keep in mind that by going the “cheap” route, you could be throwing a lot of future revenue down the drain.

If you were building a house, you wouldn’t skimp on the foundations. That would be foolish, and a little dangerous, don’t you think?

Well, your sales material is the FOUNDATION of your business. It’s what generates the sales! The last thing you want to do is skimp on this aspect.

Now, I’m not really pitching anything here. (I do have a stable of students who are willing to write for various budgets – contact me if you’d like me to put you in touch with one)…

… but the bottom line is this: with copywriting, the difference between a “cheap” and an “expensive” copywriter isn’t just the price, almost always it will be reflected in the results.

So lay a solid foundation for your business, and don’t skimp on the thing that is going to generate you the sales, the lifeblood of your business!


  1. It’s like the old saying goes… “you get what you pay for!”

    And so true when applied to copywriting… skimping on copy can actually cost you money!

    Stuart Stirling

  2. @Copywriters: The “study” you mention was actually a single test that compared services of three “content mill” providers and a copywriter found through Google. They were all hired to create content for a 300-word article. I grudgingly admit that mass content–for articles like the one mentioned in the “study,” as well as content created for certain keyword-jammed SEO articles and blog posts–can be produced by less skilled content creators. But many other kinds of marketing content–direct response, conversion-driving web copy, ads, collateral and catalog formats or copy in healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial or other specialized niches–requires the skill of an experienced and expert copywriter. We don’t come cheap. Paul makes excellent points and notes some important ROI figures. IMHO, the best way for businesses to save money? Hire an “expensive” copywriter.

  3. What a fantastic Blog you have here Paul, with some excellent posts.

    I’m currently reading Andy Maslen’s book (Write To Sell), but i must say your posts have more clarity about them.

    This is me just taking my firsts step in to the world of copy.

    It’s just a shame that you’re course requires a one off payment?

    If you ever offer more flexible terms, let me know.

    But in the meantime I’ll enjoy you’re blog.

    Thanks Rob.

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