6 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer And Copywriter Should Be Blogging

Blogging can be hard work at times, there’s no denying it.  However, I think it’s worth it! Here are 6 reasons why I recommend that every freelance writer and copywriter should have an active blog to which they regularly post:

(1) Blogging establishes your authority and expertise.

Your clients want to be confident that you know what you’re doing, and you’ll do the best possible job for them. You can use your blog to demonstrate in advance that you “know your stuff”, as it were.

(2) Blogging can pre-sell.

“Pre-selling” is about getting prospects warmed up for your offer, product or service, but not directly selling it.

For instance, let’s say you sell a writing service for other blogs, and one of your specialities is creating blog posts that compel people to subscribe. On your own blog, you could write a post that pre-sells this aspect of your writing, i.e. “5 Reasons You NEED Compelling Blog Posts That Suck People In”.

If the reader agrees with the premise of your post (that they need compelling blog posts), you’ve pre-sold them on a particular feature of your writing service. We’ll talk more about pre-selling tomorrow, and I’ll share some of the secrets I’ve discovered about using this technique over the past 10 years.

(3) Blogging saves you repeating yourself.

If you find a lot of clients are asking you the same question, write a blog post on the subject! Rather than having to explain yourself over and over again, simply point them to your blog post which talks about it.

(4) Blogging brings you traffic.

Search engines love good quality blogs, because blogs often supply fresh, bite-sized content that is perfect for search engine users.

For that reason, you’ll want to make sure your blog is “optimized” for search engines. Matt Cutts of Google recently spoke at WordCamp San Fransisco, and shared some great tips on how to do this. (You can watch the video here. It’s long, but well worth it.)

Combine this with blog commenting, being a guest writer on other blogs, and having an active, interesting and relevant Twitter stream where you actively engage with others, and you have a smart “visibility” strategy that will bring you traffic, and potential clients.

(5) Blogging is a reminder and source of inspiration… TO YOU.

Copywriting involves using many skills, techniques and pieces of knowledge, and blogging about them on a regular basis serves as a reminder to YOU, as well as being helpful to others.

That was precisely the inspiration behind my last post on the topic of the puppy dog close. I wanted to test the technique again (it had been a while since I used it), and decided to write a blog post both to remind myself, and also to share the technique with you.

Whenever you learn something new and profound, if you write about it, you’ll find it sinks in even deeper – and you might be surprised at other ideas you generate from the original core idea.

(6) Blogging gets you clients.

If you treat your blog as a brand, and have a blog that brings in traffic, demonstrates your authority and expertise, and that pre-sells the things your clients need and want, then you have a great vehicle for getting you new clients.

So keep on blogging… or if your blog is currently gathering dust… kick it into action again, and turn it into your very own Client Capture Machine!

Blog Branding – 3 Reasons To Brand Your Blog

The famous logo of Apple, Inc

The famous logo of Apple, Inc

I’m sure you’re familiar with branding if you’ve heard of companies like Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple. But is branding just for the big boys? Or can we humble bloggers, writers and copywriters use branding as well?

Here’s three reasons why I think not only can we use branding, we MUST use it if we want a piece of the action:

(1) Branding makes you easy to find.

Many of the top bloggers are already using branding, to get themselves more subscribers, traffic and clients.

For example, think of some of the better known blogs: Copyblogger, Problogger, Lifehacker, Shoemoney.

What do they all have in common? A brand that is easy to remember, and therefore easy to find. For instance, if you hear someone talk about Problogger, all you do is type problogger.com into your browser, and you’re done!

However, if you happen to be blogging from john1862.blogger.com, it’s highly unlikely anyone’s going to remember this web address. So it certainly helps if you have a brand name that matches up with an easy to find domain name.

(2) Branding makes you memorable.

This is one of the reasons companies relentlessly repeat those messages and annoying jingles on TV. They’re not always trying to directly sell you the product. They’re doing it so that, when you next go into the store, their brand is the first thing that pops into your mind.

Now, you might not have the luxury of that kind of media exposure, but by having a memorable brand, you can “stick” inside the mind of your potential clients.

For instance, if you were looking for blogging tips, what’s the first site that pops into your mind? For me, it’s Problogger. Quite apart from the good content, the name Problogger is easy to remember. It’s memorable.

(3) You can create and reinforce your brand’s image.

Ultimately, what makes a brand is the product or service behind it. As I like to say: Without the Mac or the iPod, Apple is just a fruit! (Click here to retweet this on Twitter.)

So make sure that every time you mention your brand, what you have to say is consistent with the image you want your brand to project.

For example, I enjoy commenting on other people’s blogs. When I do so, I always use “Paul, copySnips.com” where possible, because that reinforces my “copysnips” brand; and I aim to provide useful, insightful comments. (Admittedly, I don’t always achieve this, because sometimes my mind just goes blank.)

So even though you don’t have the marketing budget of Coca-Cola, you can still use the power of branding to make your blog and business more memorable, easier to find and to create and reinforce the image you want to convey.

In tomorrow’s post I’m going to share with you a simple, easy and effective technique for increasing your sales (or your clients sales) that I’m going to be testing – so make sure you’re subscribed to this blog and don’t miss out. If you enjoyed this post, click here to retweet it to your Twitter followers.