How To Eliminate Objections Using Headlines…

I recently stumbled across a headline… by sheer accident, honest!… of the squeeze page for David DeAngelo’s main dating product for men, the ebook Double Your Dating. (A “squeeze page” is basically a web page designed to collect the visitor’s email address before allowing them to go any further.)

A while back I spent some time reverse engineering his entire sales process and analyzing his sales letters to show you precisely what clever and sneaky copywriting devices he was using to compel people to buy.

Well, it seems like he’s changed his squeeze page. It’s now a video, along with a clever headline which I wanted to talk about. The new headline is…

dyd-headlineThis headline does something quite clever, because when the average guy thinks about “learning how to meet and attract beautiful women”, one of the thoughts that might pop into his head might be, “I need to be tall, rich or handsome to do that!”

So the headline immediately tackles that objection head on: “… even if you aren’t tall, rich or handsome”.

This is a great technique to use whenever you’re making a bold or remarkable claim, especially in a headline. First, think about the claim you’re making… then think of the objections people might raise to that claim… and then, reverse those objections immediately.

Let’s come up with another example. You have an information product that teaches people to speak fluent French. A major objection to this might be that a potential customer doesn’t have the time to learn. So you could tackle this objection immediately in the headline by saying something like,

“Learn How To Speak French Fluently… In Just 5 Minutes A Day”

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the product or service you’re offering can do what is promised. Just remember, your potential customers will always be raising objections to what you say, so the quicker you can address them, the greater your chances they will read on.

So can you address at least one major objection in the headline? You don’t have to be tall, rich or handsome to use this technique!


  1. I’m starting to rate your posts right up there from Brian Clark (Copyblogger). I subscribe to a lot of rss feeds but can only read a certain per cent. Not only do I always seem to read your posts, I’m always glad I did.

  2. I concur Carl!

    Paul is (in my mind) one of the best Copywriting minds out there… Which is why I LOVE reading his posts everyday.

    Oh, and if you ever get a chance, rip his copy to shreds. He writes phenomenal copy, and if you are willing, I am sure you will learn something new from each of his sales letters 😉

    Heck, I have already added several of his tactics to my swipe file.

    Great post Paul.

    P.S. Paul, have you thought about adding a ‘Subscribe to Comments’ check box?

  3. Hey Carl and Joshua, thanks for the kind comments.

    Joshua, I’ve just added the Subscribe To Comments plug-in. If you get the chance, I’d appreciate if you could test it out and let me know if it’s working.

  4. Shouldn’t that be:

    How to Eliminate Objections Using Headlines…(Even Though You’d Rather not Point ’em Out)

    Just messin’ with ya Paul 😉 Thanks for the post. I’m still learning the art of addressing objections up front. My first inclination is usually to keep 100% positive. Why point out negs. I’m realizing that’s not the best policy.

  5. I completely understand your desire to keep things 100% positive. Unfortunately, I’d suggest that most people naturally have objections come up into their minds… especially when things sound “too good to be true”.

    For me, the trick is to work out WHEN an objection is about to come up into their minds. In the case of the headline in this post, unless a guy’s reality is that he’s already met and attracted beautiful women before, he’s going to be skeptical… which is why, in this case, I think it’s a good idea that the objection is dealt with immediately.

    I guess it could also be rephrased to keep it 100% positive, ie.

    “Learn How To Meet And Attract Beautiful Women… Regardless Of Your Looks, Height Or Status” – something like that.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stay for more :)

  6. I can straight away think of one ‘How to optimize your blog … a non-technical way!’ How’s that? ^^

    Very nicely done, Paul. Learning from JC’s comment, you’re quite of a good copywriter. I remember seeing you quite many times at Copyblogger’s comment section as well. Keep up your good work, I’m sure in no time, you’ll be as successful as Brian or even better.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  7. That’s what I was saying. Your post does a good job of pointing out how objections can be used to help sell. Instead of squelching them I should be headlining them. By leading with “Even if/though” statements to knock out the primary objection you’re halfway home by the time readers reach your post.

    I certainly be following your blog.


  8. Awesome post!

    The strategy of headlining objections is without a doubt a sound and disarming tactic that can be used to great effect. It’s a mindmeld that puts you batting on the prospects team, whilst giving them the enthusiasm to knock the ball outa the park by taking massive action!

    Thanx again


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