Here’s A Fresh And Endless Supply Of Headline Ideas…

If you need inspiration for coming up with a great headline for your sales copy or blog post, head over to and look at the first couple of pages.

Digg users have voted for these stories, and it’s likely the headline must have played at least some part in getting the story to the top – it’s what would have provoked many Digg users to read and vote up the story in the first place.

For instance, consider just a few headlines that grabbed my attention…

  1. 7 Man-Made Substances That Laugh In The Face Of Physics [654 Diggs] – A headline in the popular numerical format (“7 tips…”, “10 ways to…”) but with an extraordinary claim… that the substances “laugh in the face of physics”.
  2. The Weirdest Object In The Solar System? [447 Diggs] – By framing the headline as a question, this one invites the reader to find out for themselves (by clicking) whether they think the objects are the weirdest in the solar system or not.
  3. What The World Didn’t See In Tehran [467 Diggs] – This one takes a topical subject (in this case, the 2009 election in Iran), and hints at an exclusive for the reader, in terms of what everybody else didn’t see.
  4. FTC Plans To Monitor Blogs For Paid Reviews [286 Diggs] – This one is a classic informative news-style headline, which will draw in those who may be affected, namely bloggers.

So as well as keeping up-to-date with the world, use as your very own source of inspiration for great headlines.


  1. Thanks Paul for this excellent source of headline ideas. Digg + creativity = an endless stream of fresh headline ideas. I’ll bet this concept could even be applied to Twitter posts, since they have to be short yet compelling…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Robert…. and absolutely, Twitter is also a great source of headline inspiration. If a headline is longer than 140 characters, it’s not a headline, it’s a paragraph :)

  3. Oh man…

    Don’t give away all the good secrets!

    When in doubt… and are
    killer places to juice your headlines.

    Short… insightful, useful.

    Great post Paul. I can’t wait to see what you have
    up next.

    Courtney James
    The Obvious Writer

  4. I’ve not heard of, but looks good for humourous and compelling headlines. Who could resist clicking on “The 7 Most Bizarrely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived” :)

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