Do Your Headlines Have This Vital Ingredient?…

The role of the headline is not only to grab your reader’s attention, but also to provide them with a compelling reason to keep on reading. Notice the compelling reasons in the following headlines:

  1. Are You Making These 6 Fatal Mistakes In Your Sales Copy?
    This headline compels the reader to find out what those “fatal mistakes” are, before they can even decide whether or not they are making them.
  2. How To Avoid The Fatal Copywriting Mistake Made By Every New Copywriter
    Both what “the fatal copywriting mistake” is and how to avoid it can only be discovered by reading beyond the headline.
  3. You’re About To Discover A Simple Three-Step Technique For Writing Sales Copy That Will Cut Your Writing Time By As Much As 50%…
    This headline presupposes that they will keep reading, because they are “about to” discover something. The compelling reason in this instance is to get the “three-step technique”, with the benefit that it will cut the length of time they spend writing copy by “as much as 50%”.
  4. “You’ll Never Make Any Real Money Online,” She Said. That Night, I Dumped Her… Wrote My Promotional Letter… And Raked In $3,697 In 12 Hours. Let Me Show You Exactly What I Did…
    This one creates drama, conflict and intrigue. It provides several compelling reasons for reading on – perhaps to get the “juicy details” about the story, but more importantly, to find out how the $3,697 was generated so quickly. By asking for permission (“let me show you”), the reader is silently granting the writer permission to tell them more when they inevitably read beyond the headline.

Make sure your headlines provide a compelling reason for people to read on.

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