How To Easily Make Your Copy More Compelling

Just think… by the end of this post, you’ll have discovered a simple technique to make all of your writing far more compelling – making people want to read on to the end.

“What is that technique?” you may be wondering.

It’s called creating anticipation… and I did it right there in the first paragraph. You were given something to anticipate, the “discovery of a simple technique” – and I gave you the benefit of knowing it.

It’s a simple enough technique. You just tell them what they’re about to discover, and why it will benefit them (or why they should listen). Then, you tell them.

You can do it in many different ways…

“I’m about to show you an amazing trick which will…”
“You’re about to discover an intriguing little fact which will amaze your friends…”
“Let me share with you something shocking I discovered at the copywriting boot camp that changed my whole perspective on writing, and will probably shock you as well.”

By doing this, you’re creating anticipation.

But you might be wondering: “Why bother, when I could just come right out with whatever I want to tell them?”

Well, there’s an almost sneaky way you can use this technique, which will just about compel people to read your longer blog posts and sales copy right to the end. I’d like to tell you about that… tomorrow.

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