How To Become A Copywriter (Part 1)

Copywriting can be a pretty lucrative career. Many of the top copywriters earn $10,000 or more from a single sales letter, and might receive a certain percentage of the sales or profits as well. Even if you don’t want to write for others, it’s a pretty useful skill to have if you ever develop your own products or want to sell your own services. You can even apply copywriting techniques in blog posts, articles and emails.

Have you ever thought about becoming a copywriter? If so, this series of blog posts is going to explain what’s involved. What skills do you need? How can you learn those skills as quickly as possible? How do you go about getting clients? This is what we’ll explore over the next week or two.

What is a “copywriter” anyway?

First of all, let me clarify what I mean by a “copywriter”. Copy is just a fancy term for writing in the context of sales or marketing material. So a “copywriter” (at least, in this series of articles) is someone who writes with the intention of selling or marketing.

How easy is it to become a copywriter?

The top copywriters will tell you it takes years and years to become one, as if they’re trying to put you off. To some extent, I guess they are – after all, they don’t want competition!

In reality, becoming a TOP copywriter probably will take you years – because, like anything else in life, becoming excellent at something takes practice. After all, nothing can teach you to become a concert pianist overnight. Also, building up a solid name and reputation takes time (although this part certainly doesn’t need to take years).

However, I believe you can become a GOOD copywriter relatively quickly, and so I’ll show you in this series what skills you need, and how to get started; and I’ll point you in the right direction whenever possible.

What skills do you need?

To be a copywriter, you need to wear other “hats” as I call them. These are the “hats” you need:

A Psychologist
A Shoewalker
A Researcher
An Information Gatherer
An Attention Grabber
An Interest Holder
A Feature Converter
A Desire Magician
A Salesperson

I’ll explain these “hats” as we go along in this series, so make sure you’ve signed up to this blog’s RSS feed, so you don’t miss the remainder of the series – and don’t forget, I post copywriting tips on a regular basis, so you’ll want to keep reading beyond this series. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll explain the Psychologist hat. (You can now read that here.)

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