Blog Inspiration Dried Up? How To Get An Instant Fix For Your Blog Inspiration

Inspiration… as bloggers and writers, we need lots of it! But when the well of inspiration runs dry, it helps to have a tap that you can turn to supply you with endless, fresh ideas. Here’s three of my top sources of inspiration…

(1) Online forums.

There are literally millions of forums on the Internet, so it would be virtually impossible to participate meaningfully on them all. Personally, I recommend picking a couple that are closely related to what your blog is about, and make them your virtual home.

For instance, one of my all-time favourite marketing and business forums is the Warrior Forum. I’ve been a member since the late 90’s (although it’s changed shape a few times, so my profile says July 2003). There’s a section devoted to copywriting, and just by hanging around in there, I can get ideas and inspiration for blog posts.

Sometimes a controversial discussion kicks off, and that’s where the truly great ideas and opinions get thrown around. When this happens, take notes, and put on your writing hat!

(2) Reading books.

Seriously, you can get great ideas for blog posts just by reading books. After all, the more you know about a subject, the easier it becomes to write about it.

One thing I’d recommend is not just read the books that everyone else in your industry recommends, but also read the ones fewer people know about. I’m always amazed at some of the mind-blowing ideas and inspiration I get from books that I know many of my fellow marketers and copywriters haven’t read!

By the way, this doesn’t even have to cost you any money if you have a decent library local to where you live!

(3) Reading other blogs.

I make it a daily habit of reading posts related to copywriting both on newer blogs, and on the “big name” blogs.

While it’s great and informative to read the “big name” blogs, quite often I find the less well-known or newer blogs to be better sources of inspiration. That’s because they offer fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, and tend to be less afraid to express more “radical” opinions, because their blogs aren’t yet in the spotlight.

You can find fresh blog posts by using Google Blog Search, or IceRocket – and using the keyword you’re interested in, ie. “copywriting”.

These are three of my top sources of blog inspiration… what are yours? I’d love to know, and so would everyone else, so please share in the comments section below.


  1. It’s a pleasure to be the first to comment for this post. ^^
    Personally, I enjoy reading blogs and visit forums to get myself inspired, so I’m definitely agreeing to your points. Sometimes the news updates can trigger me to write something, or drafting it for future use. What I learn about inspirations, is that never underestimate when it comes knocking. Grab hold of it and either use it now, or later.

    Nice site, Paul. It’s a pleasure to drop by.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  2. One thing I’d recommend is not just read the books that everyone else in your industry recommends, but also read the ones fewer people know about.

    I think this is a great point. If you want to write about copywriting, for example, you’re unlikely to write outstanding content by reading the most popular copywriting books. If you read around the subject — by reading books on face-to-face selling, storytelling, and social engineering — then you may start writing content that will bowl your visitors over.

    Great musicians listen to music of all genres, great authors read books of all genres, and there is no reason to suppose that this pattern is any different for copywriters or people from other disciplines.

  3. I am not a writer but a blogger so writing doesn’t come naturally for me. I will try to follow your advice and maybe I can pick up a couple of ideas what to write next. Thanks Paul for sharing.


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