How To Get More Blog Subscribers Using The Arabian Nights Technique

In this post you’re going to discover a supremely effective blogging technique that was originally used by the wife of an ancient Persian king to save her own life.

Scheherezade was the unfortunate new wife of a Persian king who had the bad habit of marrying a new wife each day, and executing them in the morning.

Scheherezade decided that being executed was not her idea of romance, and so she devised a clever scheme.

On the night of her marriage, she told the king an exciting tale, but crucially, she missed out one important element – the end. So the king was forced to keep her alive that night, to hear the story’s conclusion.

Next night, she finished the first tale, but began another… once again, forcing the king to keep her alive yet another night. Each night she did this, for 1,001 nights – or so the tale goes.

Eventually, the king pardoned Scheherezade, and spared her life. (You know it’s true love when you don’t get executed!)

Now, just imagine if you were to do what Scheherezade did, in all your blog posts. Do you think your visitors might feel compelled to subscribe?

I call this the Arabian Nights technique (after the famous Arabic collection of stories which we in the Western world call “Arabian Nights”).

It’s simple enough – within your current blog post, introduce the theme, and create anticipation for the next post (and why they should stick around to read it).

If you read my previous two posts here and here, you’ll notice I did exactly that.

If Scheherezade could make a powerful Persian king spare her life, just by creating anticipation for the next story, then you’ll probably find it much easier to get your visitors to hang around (no pun intended) for your next blog post!…

… in which, by the way, I will share with you yet more sneaky ways of holding the attention of your readers like a head in a vice… so you’ll want to stick around (perhaps via my RSS feed) and not miss it.

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  1. Thanks again for this tip…Arabian nights..very cool.

    That’s what you see with the guru’s big launches…
    they build anticipation..not just for the launch
    but even for the pre-launch stuff..

    Stuart Stirling

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